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The 16th US Spiritist Symposium would not have been possible without the sponsorship of many Spiritist organizations throughout the US.

1. A.K. Spiritist Center of Danbury (CT)

2. A.K. Spiritist Society of MA (MA)

3. A.K. Spiritist Society of Maryland (MD)

4. A.K. Spiritist Society of Peabody (MA)

5. Allan Kardec Fellowship of San Diego (CA)

6. Allan Kardec Spiritist Center NY (NY)

7. ASK – Austin Study Kardec (TX)

8. Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center – BSH Center (CA)

9. Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Association

10. California Spiritist Association (CA)

11. Chico Xavier Learning Center (OR)

12. Chico Xavier Spiritist Society (CA)

13. Conscious Living Spiritist Group (FL)

14. Divine Light Spiritist Center (CA)

15. Fraternity & Love Spiritist Center (FL)

16. Inner Enlightenment Spiritist Society (NY)

17. Joanna de Angelis Spiritist Society (CA)

17. Kardec Spiritist Group of Austin (TX)

18. Kardec Spiritist Group of Autin (TX)

19. Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston (TX)

20. MIA Innerlight (FL)

21. Nosso Lar Spiritist Society (CA)

22. Peace and Knowledge Spiritist Center of Orlando (FL)

23. Plenitude Spiritist Society (FL)

24. Renovation Spirit Society of GA (GA)

25. Sacramento Valley Spiritist Society (CA)

26. Solitude Center for Spiritual Healing (TN)

27. Spiritist Center Divine Light (NJ)

28. Spiritist Federation of Florida (FL)

29. Spiritist Group Love and Light (NJ)

30. Spiritist Group Path and Light (NJ)

31. Spiritist Group of New York (NY)

32. Spiritist Organization of Seattle (WA)

33. Spiritist Society of Baltimore (MD)

34. Spiritist Society of Bridgeport (CT)

35. Spiritist Society of Chicago (IL)

36. Spiritist Society of Dallas (TX)

37.  Spiritist Society of Illinois (IL)

38. Spiritist Society of North Beach (MD)

39.  Spiritist Society of San Diego (CA)

40. Spiritist Society Seeds of Light (FL)

41. Spiritist Society Towards the Light (CA)

42. Sunrise Spiritist Society of Texas (TX)

43. Tri-State Spiritist Federation (NY-NJ-CT)

44. U.S. Spiritist Medical Association (MD)

The Spiritist Symposium is an annual event presented by the United States Spiritist Federation to promote Spiritism and its practical aspects for a new level of self-awareness and life purpose.

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