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17th U.S. Spiritist Symposium Press Release

Portland, Oregon – The United States Spiritist Federation (USSF) will host its 17th US Spiritist Symposium on September 30, 2023, in the inviting atmosphere of Lincoln Recital Hall on the beautiful campus of Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. The symposium will focus on the topic of “Spiritual Path for Mental Balance.”

Not only will participants have a day of learning and focus on spiritual growth, but they will be in Oregon’s largest city before the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood. Gorgeous nature, great sites to be visited, and a cultural life including thriving art, theater, and music scenes. It can be a rich weekend of diverse activities… READ MORE

Revisit the 16th U.S. Spiritist Symposium 

If you would like to watch it again please check  the link below. There you will find the morning and afternoon sessions, and the videos that helped us celebrate the USSF 25th anniversary shown at the symposium – WATCH VIDEOS |  See PHOTOS


Past Symposia

Get an idea of other subjects covered in previous symposiums. Check out the videos and photos!

What is Spiritism?

“Spiritism is a science which deals with the nature, origin and destiny of Spirits, as well as their relationship with the corporeal world.”

The Spiritist Symposium is an annual event presented by the United States Spiritist Federation to promote Spiritism and its practical aspects for a new level of self-awareness and life purpose.

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